3 steps to rewire your personalization

3 steps to rewire your personalization


From examples of “bad personalization” to data practices that cause it, this webinar will outline why brands struggle with personalization today and what they can do to reboot their personalization efforts.

Reboot your personalization for better results

If your digital visitors are among the 96% we surveyed who said there is such a thing as “bad personalization,” this webinar is for you. Whether you’re offering bad personalization, no personalization, or personalization that isn’t delivering results, “3 steps you can take to rewire your personalization for success” will help you get on track. You’ll learn:

  • What incorrect personalization looks like
  • The outcomes of bad personalization
  • Why brands struggle with personalization
  • 3 personalization corrections you can make today


Jason St-Cyr - Technical Evangelist, Sitecore